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Water Damage Restoration Northern Colorado

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I’ve been involved in the water restoration industry since early 1998, so when water damage occurs, a home or business owner may not realize how bad the damage is to their property. RoxStar Restoration is here to help you from any further damage to your home or business. Damage from water intrusion can happen when a refrigerator water line breaks or a dishwasher leaks slowly and you do not even know you have damage to your wood floor starts to buckle. Other items to watch out for is hot water heater breaks, a water line bursts under your sink or an outside source like your sprinkler system causes flooding to your home. This may lead to a flooded basement, wet carpet, or a badly leaking ceiling which can lead to black mold if left untreated. After you realize you have damage, your first thought would be to soak up the water with towels and move all your water damaged contents from the room. Wiping up the wet surface on carpet, tile, or wood is not a permanent fix and will only lead to more costly damage such as mold growth. The moisture most likely would have penetrated the surface, which will take professional drying equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers and some type of heat system. RoxStar Restoration will dispatch our certified advanced structural drying technicians to help you as a homeowner or business brings your property back to pre-loss condition.

Water Pipes That Are Not Insulated Can Burst In The Winter Causing Water Damage

We know all too well in Northern Colorado (and other cold-weather states), that when freezing weather comes through, our water pipes can burst. This often results in water damage to the structure of our homes, businesses and personal possessions. Exposed water pipes that are not insulated in the attic or north facing exterior walls are particularly prone to bursting. The damage to your home or business due to flooding in the attic can be devastating, but the water will also go through the ceiling at all levels below the attic of your home or business. Keep in mind that if building materials stay wet for a prolonged period of time, the once water damaged attic, that could have been dried in three days or less, can become a mold damaged attic, at which point you would need a professional mold restoration company. At RoxStar Restoration, we commonly see mold damage throughout the entire home or business when it has not been dried properly by a professional restoration company. RoxStar Restoration your water damage Northern Colorado expert! Also, don’t mistake interior water damage from an indoor source with flood water from heavy rains. Flood damage from an act of God usually is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Go to the flood damage page of the site for information on actual flood damage restoration.

Water damage Northern Colorado can affect any and all of your building materials

Damage from water in Northern Colorado can happen any time of the year. Water quickly absorbs into the under layers of the flooring and begins to cause decay or rotting of materials. More damaging and serious than that is that if the affected areas go untreated by a professional, toxic mold will start to form. RoxStar Restoration of Northern Colorado are professionals who are available 24/7/365 to meet your needs and begin restoration services to restore items back to a pre-loss safe condition. Water leaks and burst pipes don’t wait, and neither should you. RoxStar Restoration professionals have been working with all major insurance companies and are ready to discuss a solution that will minimally invade your home and effectively take care of the damage; leaving you with a safe home and the security in a peace of mind.

How does RoxStar Restoration bill for your water damage project?

RoxStar Restoration’s promise to you is a simple and accurate bill every single time. We will give you a detailed estimate showing you exactly what we do room by room, floor by floor. You will never be left guessing what work has been done by RoxStar Restoration.

RoxStar Restoration uses this proven system to thoroughly gather loss information, diagram the scope of the job, identify related project costs, verify the accuracy of our cost estimate and bill by the job, not by the hour.

Xactimate® or comparable software bases pricing on square footage and other measurements that are strictly enforced by your insurance company. We also charge by the day, not the hour, for our drying equipment like fans and dehumidifiers.

You as the customer and business owner can rest assured that we’ll use this powerful tool, along with our experience and expertise, to scrutinize every detail of your project and give you accurate cost information.

We are a very experienced water damage Northern Colorado service company so you can trust us!

At RoxStar Restoration we understand that water intrusion on your property is an emergency, call us any time of the day or night.

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